TRISTAN CHANDRA - 2019 Summer Reel

Our very own president, Tristan Chandra, put out his reel of directorial and cinematography work from this summer, last week. The video is timed to the dramatic rhythm of Nothing’s song Hope Is Just Another Word With a Hole in It, one of Chandra’s favorite bands.

The reel contains footage from music videos, live video, and short films Chandra was apart of during the summer. With help from plenty of artists and other creatives such as Marty Strange, Stoney Hoop, Vern Senior, Rohna, Madtown, Virgo Sol, and more, Chandra has proven himself with constant progression as one fo the cinematic minded directors out of Florida today.

Check out the reel above and check out all of our Mandalay Social Club produced videos on our YouTube channel!