Local Stranger.jpg

Tampa’s very own Voodoo Child, Stoney Hoop, released his followup to his debut project Its Always Sunny this past weekend. A concise 5 song EP, The Local Stranger proves that Hoop is soon to be far from a stranger at all.

Hoop strays from some of the familiar sounds he presented fans on It’s Always Sunny and instead hosts a wide variety of different directions on this EP. The opener, Real One, shows Hoop one of the smoothest instrumentals he’s ever hopped on as he gracefully surfs the 7spellz produced track. Grown Ups re-united Stoney with his boy Marty Strange (formerly Rizzy) as they both exchange rapid fire verses that sound off like a machine gun. Let Me Go is more familiar to the jazz-infused hip-hop Hoop rode on on his debut project, but the closer Ascend shows Hoop at his most introspective, with a lot of nods to the late and great Mac Miller.

Hoop has grown quite a bit in the short 8 months between It’s Always Sunny and now and if this growth is any indication for Hoop’s future progression, he’ll only continue to grow and make himself the most exciting new hip-hop artist out of Florida!