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Marty Strange’s debut album Enigma was released this past week and without fail, the Tampa artist proves that his roots lie far deeper than hip-hop. Formerly known as Rizzy, Marty Strange delivers a visceral experience that incorporates sounds from various art forms to form a wholly unique collection of music that can only come from a true visionary.

The record kicks off with Chapter One, one of the heavier tracks on the record, as Marty comes in with a vengeance as he arrogantly depicts a life that most can only dream of. The following two tracks Keep Up and In the Way are far more experimental, especially the latter where Marty freely experiments with pitch shifts and autotune (which is farrr ahead of its time) on his sole production credit. The fourth track Everyday/Moving is one of the more sing-along tracks on the record and shows that Mr. Strange has quite the future in providing radio hits even when his discography leans more towards the underground. 

Chapter Two, the fifth track, then brings the album into a new half both sonically and lyrically. Songs like Enigma and Travels bring Marty back to his days as a lo-fi artist as he trades in his surreal metaphors and innuendos for more straight forward lyricism. The closing track Chosen shows him shining on a more introspective song that could possibly be one of his best songs to date.

More production on the album comes from Revenent, Lowfly, Wuju, and Moe Magik. Check it out on all streaming sites now and be on the lookout for all the new videos to be released alongside the project!