Rohna, formerly under a different guise, have rebranded themselves as the new indie alt band to keep on your radar! 

This past weekend, the four piece Tampa band released their debut single Departure, after a show stopping debut performance from the group at the Tampa Collective at the Blue Note two weeks ago!

Departure is quite literally a departure from their former selves as a unit into something totally new and refreshing. Rohna pulls influence from a wide variety of genres, and these flourishes can be heard as the quartet flirts with sounds made familiar by bands like Citizen, Turnover, and Hundredth. Rohna, however still brings something wholly unique to the table with their dispersal of vocals between three of the four members. The multi-vocalist approach gives Rohna an atmospheric sound that reminisce bands like Brand New or Taking Back Sunday.

Rohna is a melting pot of genres within the alternative universe, and because of it, they are one of the most exciting new bands to come out of Florida in a while! Their debut album is due out later this year, but you can go listen to Departure on all streaming sites!