Hatchie NMM.jpg

Every once in a blue moon, we’re blessed with the discovery of a timeless talent and the release of Keepsake by the Australian musician Hatchie might just be one of those. Originally known for playing in the Australian indie band Babaganouj, Hatchie started releasing her own solo music last year and last week she released her infectious debut album Keepsake.

Hatchie encapsulates the perfect mixture of 80s music with shoegaze to give us a beautiful hybrid of The Cure meets Slowdive on this album. Her ethereal voice echoes Sky Ferriera and meshes perfectly with the nostalgic instrumental concoction her and her band cooked up. Over the course of 10 songs, Hatchie speaks from her own experiences to pass on stories of growth and adaptation in the human experience.

This is by far one of our favorite new music discoveries in 2019 so we can’t wait to see what else Hatchie has in store for us! Go check out Keepsake on all streaming platforms now!