Indie surf-rock duo Surf Curse makes their return w/ Disco; their first single since their 2017 record Nothing Yet.

In the last two years, Surf Curse frontman Nicholas Rattigan kept busy with his side project Current Joys. However, unlike the more introspective ambience that resonates in Current Joys music, Surf Curse is able to take the same angsty and existential subject matter, but present it with a more up-beat and optimistic manner. 

Rattigan’s naturally tremolo voice shines like a young Roy Orbison while he and  guitarist Jacob Rubeck create the perfect beachside mood while also sprinkling in some 80s influence along the way.

Disco was accompanied with a music video, also directed by Rattigan. Shot on a steadicam w/ two unique halves, each in one take, Rattigan creates a beautifully cinematic world where two lovers take part in what seems like a nightly routine of make believe while they dance to their favorite song. You can check out the video, as well as the single below!

Their album Heaven Surrounds You is due out September 13!