New Music Monday (5.6.19)

Soul Drive.jpg


Stickup Kid

Stickup Kid returns with their first release in 6 years! Their sophomore album Soul Drive follows up their 2013 release Future Fire, and fully expands upon the foundation they set for themselves as one of the promising young pop-punk bands out right now! 

Hailing from the Bay Area of California, (we have to be specific down here in Tampa) this five piece group has done more than surprise us with Soul Drive. We’ve seen how much bands like Brand New have grown when they let multiple years digest in between releases and with Stickup Kid there is no exception.

Soul Drive is without a doubt the best release that this band has put together. Where their earlier releases fell back on more fast-paced, aggressive punk influences, Soul Drive explores the complexities of each of their instruments allowing them to push themselves to places they’ve never been. Beyond the tighter and more complex instrumentation, Stickup Kid has created several running motifs throughout the record that give it a true conceptual feel, which is something they actually toyed with on their 2012 EP Nothing About Me.

This band has come a long way and as someone who’s been listening since 2011, it’s really great to see these promising young guys back on the scene with some of the best music they’ve written yet! From the triumphant opening track You Were all Mine to the catchy Draning to the heartfelt and introspective Heaven, Soul Drive has something for everyone! Go listen to Soul Drive on all streaming platforms now!!

Rebel Girl - Single.jpg


Angels & Airwaves

With another hefty little hiatus, Angels & Airwaves surprises fans with their first new song in 5 years. In the wake of all the new bullshit blink-182 thats been made in the last few years, it was only a matter of time before Tom DeLonge graced his fans with some real music.

Rebel Girl is very much like any other AvA song released. In fact, it practically sounds like 5 other songs of theirs. But, that isn’t to say that it isn’t good. Rebel Girl is so jam packed with classic Angels & Airwaves traits that from the very first second of the song, you already know who made it. From the spacey, electronic synths and pads to the cinematic crashing of drums and guitars, Angels & Airwaves have such a unique sound to call their own that no matter how much time has passed, unlike blink-182, you can be sure Tom DeLonge will pick right back up from where he left off. Go stream Rebel Girl everywhere now!