New Music Monday (4.8.19)

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Virgosol x Santiago Purp

One of Tampa’s finest rapper/producer combos presents itself with Virgosol and Santiago Purp. Purp, who just won this year’s Mieux Producer of the Year, provides a wide array of production styles for Virgosol to spit on without ever sounding repetitive. From ground shaking 808’s to smooth, piano-led ballads, Virgosol is able to easily adapt to any type of beat presented to him and Holiday Season 2 is the perfect tape for Virgo and Santiago Purp to display the depths of their talent. Holiday Season 2 is the second release between the duo, and it offers up a beautiful example of how fluid they are when effortlessly bouncing back and forth from trap bangers to more melodic anthems! Go check out the tape on Soundcloud NOW!

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Tampa’s newest indie-alternative group Taverns released their debut single Little Giant over the weekend and it’s about as impressive of a debut as you can get! The band embodies a lot of the looseness that guys like Mac DeMarco have made famous while also maintaining a certain melodic richness like bands like Turnover! Little Giant creates a pure, summer time atmosphere that’s perfect for anyone getting ready to ride down to the beach with all the windows down. Go check out Taverns on all streaming platforms now! 

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Underground Tampa rapper Skullleleven dropped THE ROAD (IDK) last week and it marks an important departure for Skull who has always indulged in more aggressive and party-like trap flows. THE ROAD is easily Skull’s most melodic and reflective song. Handling his own production, Skull mixes orchestral sounding synths under the pounding 808’s that are ever present in skull’s music to give his fans a more love-fueled ode that is sure to stand out in Skull’s lengthy discography. Go check it out on SoundCloud now!