New Music Monday (4.22.19)



Mat Kerekes

Mat Kerekes, the vocalist of alternative band Citizen, released his solo record Ruby over the weekend! Kerekes recorded the album in his own garage that he built into a studio and played a vast majority of all the instruments on the album. Mat takes a different approach than Citizen would have in creating more personal ballads that border on the creative and daring qualities of Queen. Kerekes describes the album as a triumphant record about self-realization and it truly couldn’t be stated any better. Ruby has a certain expressive and hopeful quality to it that makes you want to continue listening to it, no matter how introspective it might make you get. Stream it everywhere now!

Raw Honey.jpg



Drugdealer, an expansive rock group led by Michael Collins, delivers their second album Raw Honey this weekend and it’s filled with 70s style jams ranging rom every mood imaginable over the 9-track album. Engineered by Mac Demarco, Raw Honey takes familiar sounds from the 70s and repackages it by giving us a fresh, beautifully recorded album of nostalgia fueled tunes. Accompanied by pianos, brass, guitars, and all that you can imagine, Raw Honey is a great display of pure songwriting and craftsmanship. Go stream it on all platforms now!

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‘4 YALL VOL. 2’


Skullleleven follows up his 4 Yall tape from two months ago with 4 Yall Vol. 2, another brief glimpse into the life of one of Clearwater’s most promising underground trap artists. Skulll’s sound is defined by heavily distorted bass and rough vocals that give his music a natural, unrefined feel that simulates the DIY mentality of 80s punk bands. 4 Y’all Vol. 2 features some of the most sinister and experimental production Skulll has hopped on to date, thanks to producers Hoodrixh, Six Hunnid, and 14Wrldwide. Skulll also handled production for the song Thru the Dirt which also features a verse courtesy of upcoming Tampa artist Cris Shimmy. Stream it on Soundcloud now!