New Music Monday (4.1.19)

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American Pleasure Club

Sitting here after listening to this record, having never heard of this band before, completely stunned at what I just experienced. It’s a feeling I can only compare to that of having seen a David Lynch film for the first time. American Pleasure Club’s latest effort, Fucking Bliss has done what most artists (in all mediums) are simply incapable of doing. They’ve created a transcendental style of music, where as listeners, our expectations and familiarities have been built up within a certain set of boundaries before being crushed down without a second’s warning, thanks to the abrupt tonal shifts throughout all their songs. Songs like The Miserable Vision and Ban This Book exemplify this idea perfectly with their ambient soundscapes that abruptly erupt into a wall of distorted sound. I don’t quite understand this album, but I do understand that it made me feel things that music has never brought out of me before. Fucking Bliss is available on all streaming platforms! 

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Align - Single.jpg



Louisiana’s own, Lango comes through with two new singles this past week. Age, produced by Dj Bean and Stankface, shows Lango on his cocky shit as he takes the flute-led beat and perfectly exemplifies himself as the hardest young rager out right now. Align, produced by our very own Young Gosling and Lango, is a nice contrasting sound to Age, in that it puts Lango in a more vulnerable position and shows that he can take a beat like Age and go ape on it then immediately go right into something more melodic and ambient. Lango is by far one of the most diverse young artists out right now and these two singles are perfect jumping off points for any new listeners who want to see how deep Lango’s range is! Age and Align is on all streaming platforms now!