New Music Monday (3.18.19)

Numb Numb Juice - Single.jpg


Schoolboy Q

After being fairly quiet for the last two years or so, Q regains his position (not like he ever lost it) in the seeding of current MC’s in the rap game! Q’s Numb Numb Juice works as a lesson in how to conduct yourself in the face of the opps and it’s done in true, jiggy, Schoolboy Q action! There’s no word on when we can be expecting an album from Q, but until then, go bump Numb Numb Juice on all streaming platforms!

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Lil West

Now, my first introduction to Lil West came from his feature on Night Lovell’s latest album Goodnight Lovell which we reviewed a couple of weeks ago. On the Lovell album, West exhibited his emo side by giving Juice WRLD a run for his money as he matches him on his whiney and drawn-out delivery that comes straight out of the pop-punk playbook. On Vex Part 1, the EP by Lil West, West displays a wide array of styles that show how diverse this Delaware artist is. West starts the EP by honing in on his ability within the R&B realm and slowly begins to unravel the layers of his repertoire over the course of the 7 song project. This leads to him closing the project with a clearly country-inspired song with Barn. West recruited the help of Tommy Genesis and Yung Bans to help add a little extra meat to this already spectacular little project, and its a great example of how West can work with nearly anyone. Go check out Vex Part 1 on all streaming platforms now!!

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J$ blessed his fans with another little glimpse into his upcoming debut album ‘Growing Pain.’ Not only is In Between one of the most fascinating of the three singles he’s released in preparation for the album, but it might be one of the more exciting songs J$ has put out in general. While the last singles shed light on Jay’s current state of mind in the face of our society, In Between gives us a little more insight into J$’s past and how it’s brought him to where he is now, both physically and mentally. Go run numbers for this on SoundCloud now!!

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Yung H

Tampa artist, Yung H released his latest song i don’t know how to deal with this over the weekend and it’s one of the more interesting songs to come out of the Bay Area in a while. Mixing spoken word with hardcore vocals with monotone, emo trap flows, Yung H has assembled a dream like structure within the song that adds a variety of layers to what could have been a very one-dimensional song. We look forward to seeing what else comes from Yung H, but until then go bump i don’t know how to deal with this on Soundcloud!!