New Music Monday (3.11.19)

Death Race for Love.jpg


Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD’s sophomore effort comes after a hefty year that hosted both his debut album and a collab tape with Future. I think it’s inevitable for any artist to oversaturate themselves by putting out too much music too quickly (especially if they’re all the same genre). Juice WRLD seems to either be completely oblivious to the fact that a 22 song album is a sure fire way to saturate yourself or simply just doesn’t care. As a whole, the record picks right back up from where Juice WRLD left off last year. However, there are still just enough songs on the album that stretch his abilities as an artist and challenge him in terms of creating a sound.

While most of the more exciting songs on the album are the ones that stray away from the classic Juice WRLD formula he’s worn partly thin by now, they seem to only work because they sound like Juice WRLD is coverinng and attempting to emulate other artists. Syphilis sounds like an ode to the late XXXtentacion and his partner Ski Mask, while Big takes from norms made popular by Travis Scott and Migos. There are even moments where Juice WRLD attempts to out-Drake Drake by spitting endless bars over vocal-sampled beats that sound like they came straight out of 40’s lab. However songs like Who Shot Cupid and ON GOD actually show Juice WRLD pushing the envelope of the sound he’s practically trademarked by now.

All in all, I think there are plenty of good moments in the album that allow hip-hop fans from all sides of the game to find common ground. While most artists have a few more years under their belts before jumping to a sophomore record, Juice WRLD didn’t have that time and because of that I see DeathRace more as a platform for Juice WRLD to keep his rabid fan base happy, but also as a space to experiment with new sounds that Juice may implement more in the future!

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Mac Demarco

Mac Demarco just announced his latest album, Here Comes the Cowboy, and along with it came the leading single Nobody! Nobody is the first new studio single we’ve gotten from Mac since his album This Old Dog that came out in 2017!

Nobody maintains the usual Demarco sound, but decides to take a more self-contained approach. At the end of every 4-8 bars you expect for the song to pick up into something more but that never ends up being the case. Seeing as how this is the first studio song we’ve gotten from Mac in almost two years, I think he chose Nobody to lead the album so as to prolong the anticipation of Mac’s wide array of musical talent and range that we all know will be all over this record! 

Nobody is like a bubble on the verge of bursting, but we’re just gonna have to wait for it to burst in May when Here Comes the Cowboy is released! 

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Walter Kovax

One of our favorite underground lo-fi artists, Walter Kovax, dropped Tax Return on SoundCloud! This surprise track is a sample heavy, little lo-fi track that Kovax rides on in the vein of Earl Sweatshirt. Tax Return acts as an ode to everyone who feels a slave to someone or something else. 

Tax Return comes after Kovax dropped Reap earlier this year and he continues to display the range of his repertoire.