New Music Monday (2.18.19)

Check out some of our favorite releases from this past week! 2.18!

Freewave 3.jpg



Lucki’s highly anticipated FREEWAVE 3came out this past weekend and our favorite underground Chicago rapper did not disappoint! With heavy collaboration from producer CHASETHEMONEY along with other production from Earl Sweatshirt, Mulattobeats, and more, Lucki spends the better part of a half hour effortlessly surfing on and off new flows.FREEWAVE 3 is streaming everywhere you can stream shit!!

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We’ve probably asked this question so many times by now, but can J$ and 7spellz do wrong together? We think not. Intuitiveis easily one of the most refined songs J$ has in his discography, while the production is one of the smoothest we’ve heard from our boy 7spellz. Intuitive is the follow-up to J$’s latest single VIRTUAL REALITY and is released as promo for his upcoming album Growing Paindue out this year! Until that drops, go bump Intuitive on Soundcloud!! 




Our boy Lango decided to finally bless all his fans who hate scrolling through Soundcloud, with Gameroom, a collection of Soundcloud classics that had finally made their debut on Apple Music and Spotify! With 17 songs on the project stretching back over a year on Lango’s Soundcloud, Gameroom puts together fan favorites like OMG, Sick, and Kicked Out Heaven, while also allowing fans to come across at least a song or two that may be completely new to them! Go download and stream it on Apple Music and Spotify now!!