Some of our favorite new releases from this past week!



The Story So Far’s senior record ‘Proper Dose’ hit the shelves on Friday, more than 3 years after the release of their self-titled album. The Story So Far consistently innovates with instrumentation and tempo, but ‘Proper Dose’ lyrically departs from the usual songs about youthful angst and girl problems to something a lot more personal. The intro song aptly titled ‘Proper Dose’ starts you off in the midst of a downward spiral of dependency. Each song further touches on the effects substances take on you, both personally and socially. The second half of this album takes a whole new stylistic approach for the guys and tests the waters for what I’m sure will be a more driving stylistic approach in the future. Songs like Need to Know, Line, and Growing On You stray from the usual bounds of pop-punk The Story So Far are anchored to. The closing track ‘Light Year’ is a proclamation of freedom from the restraints of addiction that shares a lot of qualities with other closers of theirs like ‘Closure’ or ‘Framework’. Listen below!

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‘who is he?


Clearwater native, J$ released his single two weeks ago with production by OogieMane of the Philadelphia production collective: Working on Dying. With earth shattering 808’s, the murky instrumental compliments the self-blanketed aggression that lingers in J$’s voice to create an almost Hitchcock-like suspense whenever he raps. This song reminds me a lot of his previous track ‘Deep Dreaming’ in that they both come in in an almost formulaic rhythm guaranteed to make you shake your head like a mad man. Check it out below!

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Another Clearwater native, 7spellz dropped his track ‘War’ over the weekend. To classify Spellz as a “Producer-Rapper” just because he’s produced for countless other artists like Rizzy and J$ would be disrespectful beyond it’s already shady connotation. Spellz isn’t like most Producer-Rappers, because he’s exceptional at both. ‘War’ is lead with heavy synths before almost instantly being followed by the more-than-powerful 808’s Spellz put under the drums. I usually really hate comparing artists with each other, but it seems only fitting to consider Spellz, Florida’s Pierre Bourne. Hit the link below to listen!




BROCKHAMPTON’s major label debut comes with ‘iridsecence’. BROCKHAMPTON are like a more obscure and eclectic A$AP Mob that stays venturing into new spaces with such fluidity. The opening track ‘NEW ORLEANS’ comes in with a grimy, 90’s style beat that immediately drew me to that A$AP analogy. It transitions flawlessly into ‘THUG LIFE’ which is about as opposite to the previous song as can be. The next few songs continue the melancholy mood introduced in ‘THUG LIFE’ until  ‘WHERE THE CASH AT’ comes in and reminds us that BROCKHAMPTON is a truly dynamic group and you can’t ever get too comfortable in any mood they put you in. The whole album is as dynamic as their identity. Made up of a jarring, 14 members, BROCKHAMPTON truly brings us something totally unique with ‘iridescence.’ You can listen to the full album below!



Grace Gibson’s first demo entitled ‘Steampunk Blues’ was released last week and has been on repeat for me since it came out. The song is a complete mood setter that immediately turns my world black-and-white with a whiskey in one hand and a cig in the other. Her voice is carried with a natural rasp that Phoebe Buffay would have caught a million colds for. Music like this is rare in 2018. Although it is beautifully mixed, the song feels completely authentic and free of any studio manipulation. Something you could only experience through a live performance. Beyond music, Grace Gibson is an actress and is actually daughter of the late director, Brian Gibson. However, Grace is no ‘Actress-Turned-Singer.’ You can sense a true reverence for the art of music in her voice, that most actresses-turned-singer’s lack. She just happens to do both damn well. Available on all streaming sites!