Why Do We Love Sleeping When It Rains


If you’re reading this in Florida, then you know what it’s like having daily rainfall during the summers. It’s the undeniable recipe to put you to sleep. Whether that’s a blessing or a curse is up to you. 

At the end of the day, humans are really just animals. Some people more so than others perhaps, but nonetheless we all are. No matter what type of creature, the one thing we all share is our need to sleep. Even when you try to beat sleep for as long as possible, she’ll creep up on ya and remind you of what your missing. While I’m sure most early primates and humans didn’t have the best sleeping patterns, as time went on they could differentiate what sounds were threatening and what weren't, so did our brains. 

Rain, and especially rain storms, do a great job of masking all other noise that can wake you up in an instant or keep you up all night if you’re in the middle of the city. It’s a soothing ebb and flow of noise that we’ve learned over time is something that is non-threatening. What our brains do recognize as threatening, however are sharp and sudden noises. That’s why random screams or shrieking alarm clocks do the job of waking us up. Once we’re used to the sound of silence, or the white noise that comes from rain, any disruption in that is going to unconsciously insinuate a threatening force.

- @youngxgosling