Ghandi, King, Gatto


Whenever I find the time to set aside the aspects of my life that encompass the pretentious, I like to spend hours on end indulging in the mindless comedy of the Impractical Jokers. Believe it or not, I am an absolute FAN. It wasn’t until a couple of days ago when someone asked me about what I like to watch and what it is that I get from the things I watch, where I really thought "Why the hell do I love this show so much?" After seeing every episode a countless amount of times, I realized that I never actually thought about what it was about the show that really pulled me in, aside from just the straight-up, great comedy they give us. 


There was something in me that almost didn’t want to admit that one of my favorite programs ever held no substantive value or presented any important challenges in the viewer. BUT, just as I thought that I look up at the tv and see the one and only Joe Gatto jumping over a poor woman’s shopping cart in an almost assault-like manner to get her to continue passing messages back and forth between the two guys in the game they were playing. Then it hit me, this man is fucking fearless. While all 4 of the guys on the show have their own strengths (and weaknesses), it was something about Joe in particular and his awe-inspiring fearlessness that I think stretches and impacts people all alike. 


Think of the great fearless leaders our world has seen over time. People like Martin Luther King Jr or Ghandi are probably some of the names that come to mind first. Now, take a sec and imagine this guy up there. By NO MEANS am I downplaying what MLK or Ghandi did, so SJW’s chill, it’s just an analogy. 


It’s people like them that inspire and influence generations to come, because of their tenacity and fearlessness. What I started noticing with the homie Joe in Impractical Jokers is that his goal (not losing) is at the top of his priorities and he does absolutely WHATEVER it takes to get to that. Whether it be eating shit out of the trash can or walking into an interview with your nipples cut out of your shirt, he does it and doesn’t question it. He's just trying to get that dub! I don’t know about you, but I find that incredibly inspiring. 


In our everyday lives, I think it’s easy to become consumed by the possibilities of hearing “no” or failing at something you want to achieve. But, what I noticed watching Joe is that half the time, when we build these things up in our heads, it’s rarely ever turns out as bad as you thought it would. It’s almost shocking to see just how unphased some people are when Joe ends up giving in and saying or doing whatever incredibly outlandish thing his friends put him up to. This was something I started taking and implementing into my own life. 


Right now, if anyone’s even still reading this after I compared this guy to Ghandi, I’m sure you could think of at least one thing you’re nervous or scared of to partake in. Whether it be jumping into a new business venture, talking to that broad you have a crush on, or even just having the confidence to crack a joke to a group of new people you just met. I promise that it is not as bad as you think it’ll turn out to be. It’s definitely easier said than done, and for a man of research and proof like myself, having a tangible example of this via Joe on Impractical Jokers, is perfect for edging yourself out of that space. Next time you’re thinking about taking a risk on something that’s giving you anxiety, hop on back over to this article and just give the video below a watch. You’ll see that fearlessness really is the key to success.