Mello the Sage - $oul$ale (Official Video)

Growth. Growth is the ultimate definition for Mello's latest release $oul$ale, accompanied with the music video directed by Young Gosling. Young Gosling never fails to emphasize important aspects of each artist he works with, while still allowing his own vibes to flourish. In addition, Mello continues to mold his style by allowing listeners to tap into emotions we’ve all felt before. This music video feels more correctly labeled as a mini film as there are continued influences of a surrealist dark story unfolding before our very eyes. 


It’s interesting to watch this video because I see hints of built up anger accompanied by coping. As the video starts, we see Mello flipping a lamp on and off. I see some symbolism of turning off and on emotions, perhaps through drinking, smoking, popping pills etc. While the video transitions to jumpy black and white shots of a standing figure, we’ve really got some “Psycho” and “Twilight Zone” vibes flowing through here (and I can’t complain). Perhaps he’s sick of the mainstream media BS which is quick to sell out talent or “souls”. Which abruptly changes his soul into a seeming monster, as he’s gone from “heaven to hell”. 


As I’ve been a fan of Mello’s music, this song is hands down my favorite yet. It’s got the perfect balance of lowkey beat vibes, but yet is still blatant in addressing the ways needed to escape the bullshit of society. I’m so pumped to see what this duo will accomplish and how they’ll continue to influence & redefine the music industry.

- Megan Bloom (@meganvbloom)

Check out the video below!