A few of our favorite releases that came out this past weekend!

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FAMOUS DEX – Dex Meets Dexter

Famous Dex’s debut album “Dex Meets Dexter” hit the shelves on Friday and it’s every bit of Dexter we expected and more. From the surprisingly nice welcome to Dex Meets Dexter by Pierre Bourne, we take a ride on this album through different sounds, some of which Dexter has shown us before, and some that are brand new. The engineering on the record gave Dex a much more refined sound than we’re used to, especially in songs like “Prove It” and where Dex comfortably and confidently experiments with completely new sounds and genres. Check it out before your 12-year-old brother gets on it first and has to tell you about it. 

A$AP ROCKY – A$AP Forever

Rocky’s been having fun teasing us with singles and snippets for his follow-up to his last record “At Long Last A$AP.” But, with A$AP Forever, there’s a certain vibe that makes me feel like the record is coming real soon. This is one of those songs that I expect to open Rock’y next record and even more so, set out for us the vibe we’ll be getting from Rocky on his 4th release. Rocky evolves more and more with each release and shows that he’s so much more than a rapper. From the video to the actual structure of this song, Rocky shows us just how diverse and imaginative of an artist he really is. Check out A$AP Forever and be keeping an eye out for the new record, I think it’s hitting us soon.


THE WONDER YEARS – Sister Cities

The Wonder Year’s 6th record finds them stepping outside of their pop-punk roots and into the more matured alternative band we all kind of expected them to evolve in to. While sonically, “Sister Cities” is the darkest Wonder Years release yet, it only brushes on dark topics, while it’s core theme is centered on the hope and thankfulness Campbell has found for all people in the world. Sister Cities is an ode to all Wonder Years fans who have been there at some point over the course of their 13 years as a band and even more so, an ode to everyone alive in this game we’re all in called life. From the dark times that come from travelling, to the beautiful and life changing moments, to the perils that come solely from travelling between these places; Sister Cities is a story about the interconnectivity of life and the world as a whole. The band realization of this in turn gave us Sister Cities, a humble thank you and nod to everyone alive and the connection we all share with each other.

CREED BRATTON – While the Young Punks Dance

Yes, this is the exact Creed you’re thinking about. The same Creed who has his own worm guy, the same creed who was both a leader and a follower in a cult, the same creed whose creepily lingered in the back of our favorite Scranton paper company, Dunder Mifflin. Beyond playing in The Office, Creed Bratton has made a bit of a name for himself as a folk artist. His newest release “While the Young Punks Dance”, isn’t so much a narrative or a story of his own that Creed is taking us on as much as it is Creed spontaneously creating songs that could be interpreted or related to everyone who listens. Beyond picking away at his guitar, Creed is accompanied by a string section throughout the album. His voice carries a certain eeriness, but at the forefront is a certain ironic comfort. It’s an album for the background of every day life. So as I sit here crushing this PBR while the smoke of this Backwood dances to the ceiling, I’ll take advantage of a record like this that can play as a perfect backdrop at any time or place.