The Weeknd - My Dear Melancholy (Review)


We all knew it. As soon as the news broke of Selena Gomez and The Weeknd’s unforeseen breakup, we knew some new Weeknd tracks were bound to hit. The Weeknd just recently dropped a 6 track EP titled My Dear Melancholy, and wow I didn’t realize I needed it as much as I did. My Dear Melancholy, is a breakup mini-album. It’s not a sappy eat chocolate, pop a chick flick on, and cry your heart out album. While breakup emotions are clearly in target, only The Weeknd can turn it around into sexy beats. My Dear Melancholy is quick and direct, and everyone who’s ever been in a relationship can totally grasp onto the lyrics. With repetitive listening, it’s very clear to see that the aching pain demands attention and Abel is certainly giving it that attention. Heartbreak, love, and lust are perfectly wrapped up in a ribbon and essentially created My Dear Melancholy.



My Dear Melancholy strongly differs from the past three studio albums The Weeknd has produced. This EP showcases a great structure of simplicity. In early Weeknd albums, sometimes I felt a sense of being lost and losing the clear intentions of Abel in his music. Per his most recent album, Starboy, there was a significant growth of allowing his emotions and intentions to be straightforward. With that being said, My Dear Melancholy, only shows more growth and upholds a tight structure. Abel went back to his roots yet still exhibited a tremendous growth. In recent time, we haven’t heard early Weeknd songs similar to those from Kiss Land and The Trilogy, however My Dear Melancholy brought all new beats/lyrics but still kept close to his foundation and early work. This album really is just a blur of emotional reminisces strung together. While progressing through the album each song becomes quite contradicting of each other. Yet, that’s precisely how relationships evolve. Going from “You gave me comfort

But falling for you was my mistake” to “I hope you know this dick is still an option

This is the reality of relationships. It’s kind of funny to think about, we spend so much time complicating our own situations and overall end up contradicting ourselves as well as our emotions. I feel like I’m reading Abel’s diary pages throughout this EP, in part this is because of the high level of directness he strikes. Without naming names or being a snitch, he very clearly expressed his thoughts and confusion directly through each song of the mini-album.


My Dear Melancholy seemed like it could use a bit more diversity. Each song fits the particular feelings that accompany breakups. This certainly is an EP that feels true to itself when one can relate to the lyrics and understand the feelings the artist is drawing upon. This isn’t necessarily bad, because I wholeheartedly feel each song on this mini-album. However, I definitely still need some upbeat jarring Weeknd music that I can throw on during a fun Friday night out. Regardless, My Dear Melancholy is a spark. It sparked anticipation for a full-length album that may be of the near future. It sparked a newfound growth Abel will continue to develop.  It sparked nostalgic memories of past relationships. Most importantly, The Weeknd never fails to disappoint leaving his fans in anticipation and mystery. The Weeknd has been a mystery from the start. In many ways, My Dear Melancholy begins to uncomplicate much of the mystery Abel has built himself and his name around.



-       Megan Bloom (@meganvbloom)