Rizzy - Edge (Official Video)

"Edge" marks a new chapter in the vision being laid out to us by Rizzy and Young Gosling. We now see the two sticking truer to what inspires and influences them, as opposed to trying to fit into something that's already been established. 

Visually, "Edge" tells us a surreal story centered around the common duality in different people. The way this song is split in half by both Rizzy and Dead Hippie compliments the visual side by side comparisons that we see. Regardless of who the wolf might be, we all got him inside us and that's all we know for sure.

It seems that every time these two team up together, the final product just gets better and better. From the quality of the videos to the actual production and sound of the songs, these two are riding their own personal wave into the music industry that no one else has dared to shred before.

Check out the video below!