Rizzy - 100,000 Miles (Official Video)

Yo do you think this guy takes some of his inspiration from Curren$y? I can’t tell by the everything about him. This latest song gives me that same sort of 3am stoney baloney cruise down the coast kinda vibe that I mentioned on my last review. But unlike my last review, I have nothing bad to say about this at all. The two distinct flows that he uses in this short song are timed perfectly to bounce off of each other in a way that makes you bob your head and rock with the beat. Young Gosling and Rizzy continue to display growth in their chemistry and in their similar creative modus operandi. The song, aptly dubbed “100,000 Miles” makes me feel like I could literally put in on repeat and drive for just about that, 100,000 miles. All the while entrancing myself with that silky smooth instrumental and Rizzy’s monotone vocals. (Side note: I usually don’t like monotone rappers, but it sort of just works when you own it and make it yours. It’s the illusion of a lack of effort that draws you in, I suppose. In a weird way this song is kind of comforting.) I love songs that have that long ride out at the end. I have a tendency to lose myself in those last remaining moments where I feel perfectly in tune with the instrumental. This song is exactly that.

Alright I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Young Gosling is the truth. And I’m not saying that just because I’ve been boys with him since we almost got arrested for throwing eggs at cars in the 7th grade. I’m saying that because all this guy does is improve. He sees what works and what doesn’t and he creates something great. Still early in his development, he’s finding his happy medium between the inspiration that he takes from directors he admires and his own experimental ideas. That clown scene was dope. The color shifts and the toggling in and out of focus were cool too. There wasn’t a single thing about the way this video was edited that felt clunky or out of place. Honestly, I would love to see those frame within a frame shots become sort of a signature of his. Either that or the blurred out faces. Every great director has a calling card. Maybe discovering his is the next stop for the budding young career of The Young Gosling.

And as always, keep it dank.

- Jimmy McCallum (@TheRealBigOrca)