New Music Monday (12.3.18)

Some of our favorite releases from this past week! 12.3!

Some Rap Songs.jpg


Earl Sweatshirt

Odd Future alum Earl Sweatshirt finds his footing with the release of his third album ‘Some Rap Songs.’ Following the release of his last record ‘I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside’ three years ago, Sweatshirt uses ‘Some Rap Songs’ as a laboratory for him to openly innovate and dissect the sounds he’s introduced and perfected in the past. Sonically, ‘Some Rap Songs’ brings us more funk, soul, and jazz elements compared to his previous work, but it’s their presentation that makes it stand out the most. Earl throws away the standard technique of just placing jazz samples over drums like most lo-fi artists get their rocks off to, and trades it in for a full examination of each instrument, note, and beat in order to fully experiment with the capabilities of the medium as a whole. Running at a tight 25 minutes, ‘Some Rap Songs’ is much more than just that, it’s another god damn masterpiece from the goat.

Calling My Spirit - Single.jpg


Kodak Black

Kodak has been constantly been putting out new music since his release from the pen and each one introduces a new direction that the South-Florida rapper could potentially take his career. From the calypso inspired ZEZE, Kodak now channels his inner-Atlanta for Calling My Spirit.Kodak kicks off the song immediately causing you to question if it’s him or Lil Baby rapping. I think this was Kodak showing that he can do anything that today’s hottest new rappers are doing, and better.Calling My Spirit is an auto-tuned led and Atlanta inspired track led by Florida’s very own Project Baby and to be honest it’s more fire than any song on Lil Baby’s new album… 

Facade Records - EP.jpg


Domo Genesis

Yet another Odd Future alum, Domo Genesis releases the song Online off his upcoming EP ‘Façade Records’. The 70’s, funk inspired track is led by Domo’s soulfully melodic hook before he snaps into a quick hitting machine-gun flow, that might lowkey be one of his most impressive verses since Oldie.  ‘Façade Records’ drops December 7 and you best believe we’ll be reviewing the full project then!