New Music Monday (11.26.18)

Some of our favorite releases from this past week! 11.26!

Sundress - Single.jpg


A$AP Rocky

Six months after the release of his 4th record ‘TESTING’, A$AP Rocky brings us Sundress, a single, which were not sure will be accompanied by a full project or not. If this precedes a new project, then this is huge for us in getting an idea on what direction Rocky plans to take his music in the future. Sundress is BY FAR the most eclectic and artistic song Rocky has ever fronted. With a ranging influence from indie rock and pop overshadowing his hip-hop roots, Rocky tears through the melodic hook of Sundress with a falsetto voice that will leave you questioning if it’s Rocky’s voice or a sample from a 70’s funk song. Even if this is just a one-off single and Rocky never touches on this style of music again, it provides a lot in showing how 3-dimensional Rocky is in his craft. Or maybe he’s just been chillin with Tame Impala a lot lately. Either way, we fuck with it.

The Mint (feat. Navy Blue) - Single.jpg


Earl Sweatshirt (feat. Navy Blue)

Earl’s second single The Mint comes along with the proper announcement of his upcoming record ‘Some Rap Songs’ being released this Friday (11/30). While, you can bet your ass we’ll be reviewing the full album as well, we just had to get in on this single first. After Earl dropped Nowhere2Go earlier this month, no Earl fans were quite sure how he was going to approach this album. It seems as if that shocking release was almost a test to see who was still fucking with him and how dedicated his fans were. However, The Mint brings back some of the OG Earl vibes made up of lo-fi jazz influence that gained him his prominence in the first place. The Mint is accompanied by Navy Blue, who contributes a strong intro verse before allowing Earl to settle in and let us know that he’s been going through it the last couple years, but how nonetheless, he’s been able to grow both as a human and an artist. ‘Some Rap Songs’ drops this Friday and The Mint is the ultimate lo-fi, waiting room music for us to patiently await Earl’s first album in three years.

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Lango has been making sure his fans aren’t left in the dark too long. After the release of his debut ‘Melting Point,’ Lango has dropped a few songs on his Soundcloud that all vary in their presentation and mood. His latest effort Chitlinz, is no exception. Compared to Cult of Pimp, the last single Lango released, Chitlinz takes a 180 degree turn from the energy and rage he brought before and brings us a beautifully smooth R&B ode that’s more reminiscent to songs off ‘Melting Point’ like Space in July and Itmt/Too Far. It’s songs like these that highlight Lango’s diversity as an artist and show that he can compete in a variety of different genres. It’s only a matter of time until he’s compared alongside other diversely talented artists like Travis Scott and company.