New Music Monday (11.5.18)

Some of our favorite releases from this past week! 11.5!



Vince Staples

FM! is the latest effort by Long Beach rapper Vince Staples. Beyond the album art being a play on Green Day’s Dookie, the album maintains its uniqueness by playing out as if you were skimming through an inter-dimensional radio station as if you were gliding through space alongside Rick and Morty. Every song transitions into each other making the full album play out like a single song. Vince even recruits the help of Earl Sweatshirt and Tyga to promote (possible) new music of theirs on his album in short 30 second skits. The record also features LA radio honcho Big Boy with little skits and radio monologues to give FM! an eerie realism. The record touches on usual Vince topics such as violence and life in the LBC, with added emphasis on the never-ending reality of death in the city. FM! is an authentic and creative direction for the constantly evolving sounds in Vince Staples repertoire. 

White Bronco.jpg


Action Bronson

Action Bronson drops his latest album White Bronco following the announcement of his departure from Vice, who acted as both a studio for his tv endeavors as well as his label. This trip back to the indie stage was sure to bring a lot of youth and freeness to White Bronco. The album is a funk-filled New York classic from the jump with plenty of jazz and funk samples giving this that local feel of the city that made Bronson who he is. “Fuck Star Wars, Indiana Jones is better bitch” and “I just did my first scene with DeNiro, just did my first scene with Scorsese” are just some of the many memorable splays of pop-culture sprinkled throughout Bronson’s lyrics on White Bronco. As usual, Bronson introduces us to something completely and authentically him as White Bronco touches on the aesthetic roots of his past with a more refined presentation now that he’s back to releasing music his self after getting some first hand, major-label experience of the game in the progress. White Bronco also features other prominent New York artists like A$AP Rocky, Mayhem Lauren, and Big Body Bes to put you in a geographically accurate mood, regardless of where you are listening to the album. (I just happen to be lucky enough to be bumping this in NYC right now)

Heaven Sent - Single.jpg


Walter Kovax

Walter Kovax releases Heaven Sent, his third and final single before the release of his next project. Kovax takes the two distinct styles he’s experimented with in his last two singles Last Time and Oh Dear to make his latest effort a unique, hybrid of the two. Heaven Sent takes the minimal and depressive tones of Last Time and combines with some more pop-reminiscent moments that made up Oh Dear. With his latest release, Walter Kovax is starting to display the diversity he has in his craft. 

Gone - Single.jpg


Peach Palette

The lo-fi artist/producer Peach Palette releases his debut project entitled Gone. It’s a collection of 3 songs that respectively build in both it’s sonic presentation and in it’s intricacy. With both trap and emo influences sprinkled throughout, Gone is a perfect hybrid of dreamy, bedroom lo-fi anthems with heart aching, bellowing odes to love and lust. It’s evident that pop-punk and emo music played a crucial role in the influences for this project as the closing song Dark has moments reminiscent to those of Lil Peep and company.