New Music Monday (11.12.18)

Some of our favorite releases from this past week! 11.12!


Earl Sweatshirt

Earl Sweatshirt returns with his first new song since his 2015 release I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. Nowhere2go might top the list of most experimental songs that Earl has put together. While it’s structure isn’t too far out of the ordinary, the pacing and construction of the beat itself gives the song this continuous desire for a beat drop that never comes. It’s as if Earl uses this strategy to clear out all the things on his mind before he can give us a full project again. A lot can happen to a person in 3 years, we’re just happy we get another glimpse at Earl again.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 6.23.41 PM.png


J$ (prod. 7Spellz)

Frequent collaborators, J$ and 7spellz do what they do best on J$’s newest track Crank. Crank is the first song J$ has released off his upcoming tape ‘Divergence’ and it comes right off the heels of another J$/7Spellz track In My Bag. 7spellz does what he does and gives us one of his best beats to date with slapping 808’s, wavy pads eerily holding the same note in the background under some Fireflies sounding electronic bells. (Anyone else think he sampled that Owl City song when you first heard those come in? lol) J$ accompanies Spellz’s murky production with the same, pent-up aggression that gives him such force in his other songs. 




Grapetooth, a side project made up by Twin Peaks lead, Clay Frankel and producer Chris Bailoni. The two friends from Chicago re-ignited their friendship one night at a bar which is when the two decided to make music together, and we should all be so grateful for the flowing alcohol that night. Grapetooth is a smooth, 10 track project that feels as natural as any artist’s main project. There’s a lingering ode to 80’s greats throughout the whole record that give us a pretty good insight as to just the type of music these two bonded over. Tracks like Hangover Sq could easily be placed amongst The Smiths discography without a second look while others like Death and Hallelujah remind me of artists like The Cure or ELO. Grapetooth do a beautiful job at experimenting with different instruments while still keeping the general sound consistent throughout the record. For any fans of Twin Peaks or really just 80’s music in general, this album is definitely recommended!