Life is ironic; there is opposition in everything that goes on around us. Life is soft silk and rough rocks. Life is seizing opportunity and experiencing defeat. There is good and there is bad. There is love and there is void.  Life is blue skies and green grass and also rainy skies and dark days. So, what is life?

Life is the air we breathe, the moments we seize, and the blessings we share through our actions and deeds. Life is the things we experience and the ways in which we react to them. Life is a teacher that forces us to grow when we are at our weakest points. Life is more than just being alive, life is about living daily and appreciating the life we have, the things we see, and the way we feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

While it seems the amount of corruption in the world is increasing every day, is it not up to us to be the ones to provide change in the lives of the people around us? Why do we quarrel with the people around us as if we are not all brothers and sisters in the human race? Why do we take moments and people for granted? Why do we dwell in negativity instead of drowning life with optimism and positivity? Do we not just have this one life to leave an impact and legacy? One that will be tied to our names and recognized for future generations to come? There is no justifiable answer to the way we under appreciate our lives, but the fact is that we do not have a proper appreciation for this life until something or someone is taken away from us. It is only then, and seemingly for a brief time in space, where we can see our mortality and we vow to make a positive change.

Even so, as soon as the fires of emotion die down, we are back to our automated ways until the next incident arises. Maybe that is just how we are wired as humans, to under appreciate life while things are good and to plead with the sky when our world is shaken by disastrous events; no, this is not how we were born to live, but this is who we have become as a whole.

Taking countless days for granted is not living life. Giving less than 110% effort in our daily tasks is not living life. Being too scared to tell people how we truly feel is not living life, yet, every day we move robotically through life as if tomorrow is promised to any of us (knock on wood). We must not simply go through life, we must live our life. We must not be afraid to speak what we believe to be true. We must embrace each day, each second, and each moment as a gift and use our lives to tap into our true potentials and to propel each other forward rather than tearing each other down. We all have unique abilities to bring life and color to the world around us and it is only when you embrace who you are at your core (by having self-awareness) that we can each figure out what we have to offer this wonderful life. We all have the ability to make a change in this lifetime, either for good or for bad. Don’t just be alive, live. Life is too short to not seize these opportunities. While there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action, we must do what we can daily to spread as much positivity in order to suffocate all the negativity of life. Just as a rope is stronger when it has more fibers binding it together, so is the human race. So, what is life again? Life is just a vapor, so seize every day and leave a lasting impact while you can.