We're Mind Controlled by Bacteria


Imagine your life as a cricket. You’re just chilling doing cricket shit when all of a sudden your brain gets taken over. You no longer have a desire for the dry land where you normally hang out so you take a crazed, bath salt like run to the nearest lake or pool. Next thing you know, you’re going straight kamikaze into the water. Well, is totally real and it’s the working of something called the Gordian Worm, which needs water to feed.

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows that parasites affect all types of animals. A parasite called Plasmodium, for instance, is the source of malaria. It takes over and is ingested by mosquitoes and what it does is block an enzyme that allows mosquitoes to feed. So, with this happening it forces the mosquitoes to continuously suck and suck trying to fulfill their hunger.

With all the research and evidence pointing at how animals can be controlled by parasites, it makes me wonder just how much we are being controlled by the things inside of us. Turns out, we might be controlled quite a bit.

Gut bacteria is more than plentiful in our own systems, considering we host over 1,000 different species alone within our gut. Gut bacteria is essentially an extension of the parasitic manipulation we see in animals. Our bacteria is made up of good bacteria and bad bacteria, together making up what is called the Microbiome. They churn out and control our stress hormones, appetite, and more.

Now, who’s winning between the good and bad bacteria, is up to you. The good bacteria in our gut is what keeps us relaxed as it releases something in us called GABA, reducing the activity of neurons, which helps calm us down when we’re feeling stressed or anxious. The bad bacteria on the other hand, causes imbalances in our system and an over imbalance of bad to good bacteria can create anxiety, depression, OCD, and more.

So, how do we get rid of these assholes in our gut trying to give us depression and shit? Well, it all comes down to what’s being put in your body. An excess of dairy, fried foods, and sugar can all create bad bacteria. However, it’s not always as easy as that. 

The bacteria, much like the parasites mentioned earlier, have their own preferences. Some are more drawn to sugars, some to fiber, some to fats. What they like is going to control your cravings. So, when you’re aching for that bag of M&M’s at 9:30 in the morning, it’s likely your bacteria driving you to the convenience store and not your own free will. Or you’re just really baked. 


Nonetheless, what it really comes down to is self-control and discipline. I mean, just look at the picture of that pathetic ass bacteria up there. You’re telling me, we’re gonna let those flimsy little things control who we are and what we do? Pfft! While, we might be controlled by the ‘second brain’ in our gut, those impulses and controls still need to be passed through our conscious brain. And now that we’re aware of this bacteria controlled ‘second brain’, it’ll be a lot easier for us to control and balance those detrimental impulses. Take that plankton.