Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - IDK What Love Is (Review)


Wicca Phase Springs Eternal or perhaps better known to some as Adam McIlwee, the former front-man of pop punk band Tigers Jaw is back with his new single “IDK What Love Is”. Unlike his roots in alternative and pop-punk, Wicca Phase has gone on to be one of the founders of GOTHBOICLIQUE which includes artists like Lil Peep, Lil Tracy, and Horsehead. He mixes trap with emo and this is displayed perfectly in IDK What Love Is.


With low-key, raw vocals that resemble an emo King Krule, Wicca discusses the effects of a relationship where sincerity seems lost. He tells a story from the point of view of someone in a devastating emotional condition with swaying feelings of lust, love, and contempt all for one person. He questions his significant others true reasons for being in the relationship by questioning “If my hair wasn’t long, If the money was gone, would you still want it?”


However, looking at the lyrics in a more metaphorical, surreal manner this song can also be interpreted as a story about the relationship between a person and a specific substance that might have a vice on them. His dead emotional state capsulated with easy gratification through money and pleasure can be seen as an analogy for the escape one takes when going under the influence.


Wicca Phase encompasses such a unique sound along with his colleagues in GBC. Are they the future of hip hop? Or the future of emo? Kinda like how we encompass little pieces of DNA from our early ancestors, it is evident that there is lineage in his musical DNA to the likes of Brand New, Jimmy Eat World, and Jawbreaker. While Wicca doesn't necessarily classify his music as emo, nor does he really like the comparison, as humans we don't like being compared to neanderthals, but guess what we all got it in us. Oops!


But, that’s the great thing about art. It can be related to and understood in a million different ways! So if there are any interesting theories you might have on the story of this song, feel free to share in the comments below! I’m looking forward to seeing what Wicca Phase follows this release up with next! 

- Young Gosling