Current Joys - Become the Warm Jets (Review)

The minimalist band “Current Joys”, made up of Nicholas Rattigan never fails to deliver heartfelt bedroom dazes. Quite the contrast from his other band "Surf Curse". Rattigan touches on familiar feelings of heartbreak, love, and the process of making/learning from mistakes. His work leaves listeners with continued hope and familiarity to hang onto. With old-school instruments and warm lyrics, Current Joys encompasses bold feelings in their music and lyrics that attracts a growing number of listeners. 


The band’s newly released single, “Become the Warm Jets” takes a musically different route than common Current Joys releases. The single holds lyrics addressing nostalgia of the past and comfort in temporary nostalgic feelings. The song emphasizes the way nostalgic feelings faze out, in that they eventually lead to overwhelming and consuming one’s life. Likewise, the music video attached with the song seemingly shows two men in a relationship that eventually leads to one of them walking out on the other. During the video, the emphasis of warm to cold lighting represents warm loving feelings which harshly changes to cold lonely feelings.  Perhaps they are reflecting and deeply feeling past relationship memories. “Become the Warm Jets” showcases the band’s passion for rawness in lyrics, music, and music videography. 


The full-length album titled “A Different Age” is set to release March 2nd. I anticipate a new level of growth for the band, however still keeping their original composure of retro influences, heartfelt lyrics, and raw music components. 


- Megan Bloom