The Mandalay Social Club is the hub for all things music, film and culture! Home to storytellers and visionaries of all types, MSC challenges you to look at every day life with an obtuse view in the face of what is considered "normal" or "traditional" and to most importantly, look further than your eyes will let you.

We encourage the creation of art through any means! Whether you're a musician, filmmaker, writer, photographer, or painter, we're all artists. And as artists we have a duty to be storytellers. While entertainment and aesthetics is all good and fun, it lacks substance. At Mandalay Social Club, substance is our core virtue and is at the forefront of our minds when working on all the content released through here.

Music Production, Music Videos, Film Photography, Original Content and more!

Please CONTACT if interested in working with members of the Mandalay Social Club or interested in being apart of the Mandalay Social Club.

- Young Gosling (President/Founder)